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Monday, October 15, 2012

lookbook files; gant rugger fall winter 2012

Now that San Diego has had a bout of the coldness, I've been parusing the fashionsphere for Fall/Winter inspiration. The Swedish American menswear powerhouse that is GANT RUGGER caressed my soul during Paris Fashion Week back in February of O-Twelve, so it was only fitting that their lookbook for F/W 2012 would add more vibes to my non campos menti (that means cray). The use of sensational wool and other winter fabrics for cold-day blazers, suits, and overcoats without the garments looking congested and bulky like most Fall/Winter items, well that's just secret agent greatness. When people ask if I'm cold in my blazer, I'll side-eye shank them because clearly they don't know the thread count in my GANT RUGGER blazer. Amateurs.

I'm a detail obsessed chap and this lookbook catalogs GANT's affinity for wondrous detailing. 
* Also, make sure to scroll down for the full lookbook- you don't want to miss out! *

Americana dapperness with Italiano Parisien gusto? Time to check out the going rate at the sperm bank! In the name of modern sartorial bliss, everything is fair. Rules. Of. The. Game.

Click, click, click for the full lookbook! ↓↓↓


Christopher Bastin, head honcho creative director, you make founding GANT father Mark Zumerch proud!!

image(s) via gant rugger
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