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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

baby it's getting cold outside. levi's vintage clothing to the rescue!

As soon as I started to buy more tanks, shorts, and sunny weather gear, San Diego has decided to skip her anti-depressants at breakfast and is seeping coldness upon her sun-children. I'm digging it! Usually, I bring one or two heavy jackets for the beginning months and then when I head home during November, I load up on my San Francisco gear and bring it to SD. Yet this time around I must've suffered a mini-aneurysm because I brought nada with me. Since I'm not a normal person with a practical mind, the clear choice to remedy this situation was to pretend all my winterwear at home was lost in a mysterious fire, and instead search for something new to save me. Off to Mr Porter I went and within seconds I struck gold with this Levi's Vintage Clothing Slim-Fit Denim and Faux Shearling Jacket
Normally I wouldn't be one for a Farmer John aesthetic but looking at it makes me feel all rugged, solid, and like I could saddle up a horse and ride into the cold weather. Also my Dad has a similar jacket from Levi's that he's worn since I was a kiddo and continues to don. So I kinda like that I have a little connection with this LVC creation. Sappy, I know! Regardless of that heartwarming note, it's classic & solid denim color is damn universal in the wearability department. Button downs- check, t-shirts- yup, khaki's- for sure, other jeans (yes, denim on denim can work!)- mhhhmmm, even some slacks- possibly.  Call me cray but I also feel that it has a power of dependability. I  already picture myself snatching it up and throwing it on when I'm running late and have to burst out the door like a madman. I can trust in it to 1. keep me warm and 2. look good with everything I wear on my day to day. Guys, I think I'm in love. But with LVC's craftsmanship and authentic American gear, how can you not? But like many love affairs, there's always something trying to break you apart and that my amigos is the price. $435 is quite the villain here but love is worth it. ;)

Check out this LVC Denim Jacket at Mr Porter here.
For more on LVC and their products click here.

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