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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alexander Herchcovitch Fall 2010 - New York Fashion Week:

Alexandre decided to go all Russian/Armenian/Georgian/Turkish Bohemian Folk on us and it was a legit call! The moment I laid eyes on the garments I became completely enamored by everything. I loved how he was able to take traditional folk dress and make them luxuriously modern with a dash of punk in them. Brilliant! I liked the array of the collection because it honestly had everything to offer; from dresses to outerwear, pants to blouses, and skirts to tights... there's something for everyone. But most importantly can we say D-E-T-A-I-L-S!!!!??? I don't even know where to begin. I'm completely and utterly baffled when it comes to understanding the intricacy of Alexandre's exceptional craft. I mean... WOW. There is not a single inch on any of his garments that doesn't make me feel overwhelmed with greatness. The delicate beading, the ornate embellishments, the chain draping, the studs, the combat boots, the baroque headdresses, the colored folk prints, the plaid, the EVERYTHING!!!! It was all exemplary and definitely unrivaled at fashion week. Actually, it was the best in show at the Mercedez-Benz tents. For sure.

Here are my favorite little hybrid Babushka's:

And because I'm insanely obsessed with the legitally baller headdresses...
And because I'm just obsessed in general, here's some behind the scenes shots...

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