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nor ashamed to stumble.
Because I never wanted to be beautiful,
and I never pretended to be."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

In need of some TURQUOISE, badly!!!

I think Zeus is trying to tell me that I NEED to get myself a turquoise man-cessory, pronto. I've been obsessing about getting a ring for the longest time but when I've come across one of these babies it's always been an unfortanate miss: either too chunky, too intricately adorned, or even too ladylike for my liking. But I've always held on to the possibility of finding the perfect one for me. Hey, if Lindsay Lohan can find ways to get out of jail and rehab early, than I can find my damn ring! Anyways, so yesterday, while my mind was soaring out of boredom in class, I happened to spot a turquoise rock on the finger of an interesting indie fellah. I pretty much sat there, staring at his ring, contemplating how I'd steal it from him, and overall obsessing about it for the entire class period. I swear, I don't know what to do with myself sometimes! And then this morning, while perusing the nets, I came across this sicktastic spread in Blend Magazine's issue #51- and if this isn't a sign than I don't know what is!!
Come on now, how freaking rad is the turquoise man-cessory game here!!!!?? Specifically the bracelet and the rings!!! Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. Here!! So k i l l e r ! Turquoise is definitely where it's at! I'm not too sure about the neckwear, personally, but man they sure are spectacularly legit! The spread has definitely inspired me and I'm thinking that maybe going a bit bold is the right move afterall. Turquoise is a beautiful and resilient stone and deserves to be treated as the showstopper it is. Yup, bold and chunky, here I come! Zeus, you work in mysterious ways! :P

Btw, those gnarly turquoise eyebrows... ummm, crazy PERFECTION!!!

Via: Blender Magazine #51
Editorial: Walk the walk, talk the talk.
Photographer: Jason Kim
Stylist: Sonny Groo
Models: Chris Swoszowski, Jullien Herrera, and Vali Coas

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SAM said...

"SHUT-THE-FRONT-DOOR" OMG!! im so in love im now gonna change all my jewellery to Turquoise HOT HOT HOT HOT!! that can be my challange this weekend!!


Poppy said...

The turquoise eyebrows look amazing!

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