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Because I never wanted to be beautiful,
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Snuggies, you have been warned!

There's a new player in town; engineered by KonradParol, The Rebel Coat is going to take you down! Mark my words, Snuggies, m a r k  my words! Come on, with just one look, you can see my reasoning. 
If this doesn't scream Icelandic nomad comfort, which we all know is the epitome of all comfort known to man, to you than I am offended by your lack of awesomeness. I'm not joking. And not only is it a hell of a lot snazzier than those dreaded info-mercial Snuggies (yes, I am starting a campaign to eradicate them from existence- thanks for catching on.) but you can take a nap whenever you want to without compromising your inner badass. And even more so reason to love this legit creation is the mere fact that when seen from the back, it gives off the illusion that you're wearing a fancy cape. Can your Snuggie do that? I think not. Case closed. Hah!

Oh, FYI for those that don't know what a Snuggie is (lucky you!) it's a blanket you can wear:
Oh and a double FYI,  Snuggie in Latin translates to "crime against humanity". True story.

Get yours here.

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Sammie said...

The Rebel Coat is awesome but I'm in love with my Snuggie! It's zebra print & awesome and my Grammie has the leopard one. Haha.

elizar33 said...

i absolutely love this!!!!
its like a coat and a cape and a blanket... its everything a man wants! except that its not a woman, regardless....this is amazing!


KC said...

this reminds me of the yellow cloaks used in m. night shyamalan's the village. but i love the collar.


pirat_E said...

My little pooch has a snuggie and it's still in the box! I need a coat/cape...not like hawaii ever gets freaking cold!


Anonymous said...

Much Better!!!!!!! xDDD

Bruno said...

Haha, don't know if I like it that much but it's deffo warm and nice haha! Great post ;D

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