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nor ashamed to stumble.
Because I never wanted to be beautiful,
and I never pretended to be."

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Olivia Palermo for Hogan = lovely daydream

I was at first taken aback when I heard that Hogan had tapped Olivia Palermo for their Autumn/Winter 2010 campaign simply because their style is known for being laid back, casual, with a downtown Manhattan urban feel to it- pretty much the opposite of what I think of when I spot Olivia. But seeing that I'm infatuated with her, I didn't care much, just as long as I got some good eye-candy out of it. Yet, not only did I get a visual orgasm but Olivia wowed me by her charming non-chalant spirit that seemed to be naturally captured by the lens. She definitely embodied the essence of the brand, shame on me for believing otherwise. I am now even more in love with her than ever before, which is probably not healthy. Haha. Huge kudos to Hogan for casting my lover and also for using another obsession of mine, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero's tune 40 Day Dream as the backdrop song (I listen to it religiously and it's even my ringtone!). Secretly, I think Hogan made this little video for me. Hah!

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Berta said...

I think she has an interesting style.. sometimes she looks like Blair Waldorf in gossip girl. perhaps it´s only to me. Sorry for my poor english.


hello....thanks for the lovely comments...;-)

Mr.Dreamer said...

I want!!

Jason laucht said...

great blog dude!

lets follow each!


Anonymous said...


Fashion Wh0re said...

Love this and LOVE Olivia

-The Fashion Wh0re

Anonymous said...

Irving is the greatest.

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