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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest reality show EPIC FAIL of all time!!

OMZEUS!!! Apparently, the host of Australia's Next Top Model, Sarah Murdoch, announced the wrong winner of the cycle on live Aussie television! Yes, as in EPIC FAIL!!! Although I'm a pretty cynical douche at times, even I say that this is NOT OK! Instead of laughing, my heart totally went out to the mistaken winner. Can you imagine? The feeling of being on top of the world only to come tumbling down because some douchette played the ultimate "just kidding" moment of all time!? PAINFUL! But damn it, power to her! She's a class act all the way and handled this craziness with such grace. If it was me, I would have pulled off some rabid theatrics and stabbed Sarah with my stiletto and then dragged her down the catwalk mercilessly. Yup, I have no shame! So again, bless her lovely heart. Fortunately, the execs have granted her a visit to Manhattan to meet with Elite Model Management and a nice $25,000 pay check to cool down her live TV embarrassment. See, happily ever afters can happen.

BTW, I bet you a Neiman Marcus Cookie that Miss Tyra-nasarous Banks is currently fuming at the mouth and thinking of ways she can trump the Aussie's finale. I mean, she's probably already bitter that Australia's NTM is lightyears ahead from the original ANTM (seriously, the Aussie's do it waaaay better and bigger! Youtube it.), so this is no bueno for her. I'm sensing another "Kiss my fat ass" moment coming real soon!!

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Jason laucht said...

holy mother!! hahaha

Pepa Xavier said...

Omg, It's already on youtube!!!! I have to check it out , I'm waiting this episode for weeks! But actually my fav its BNTM with Elle McPherson.

Ps: I just can't stand Tyra Banks

KC said...

kudos to the losing girl. she still accepted that she lost with a smile and full support to amanda even if it's actually twice as humiliating already. they're both winners.


In New York Paris Tomorrow said...

What can be added ... incredible.

But usually the world tilts a little from these quirks and the losing girl's grace noted.

Anonymous said...

I watched this live, I was SO embarressed for Kelsey.
I was more embarressed for the host though, how unproffesional.
Good television though, I don't at all think it was a stunt or anything like that, but very, very awkward to watch Kelsey say her thank you speech, be incredibly happy then to be told none of it was correct; on national television.
My heart goes out to her.
Both Kelsey and Amanda are gorgeous, glad to see they both came out on top though.

Anonymous said...

great post thanks

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