"I'm awesome because I am not afraid to fall,
nor ashamed to stumble.
Because I never wanted to be beautiful,
and I never pretended to be."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The underworld doesn't underwhelm...

Hey, if this is what they're rockin in downtown Hades than perhaps I will sin my way down there instead.
I'm off to go hang out with La Lohan, Kanye & Kate Gosling. If I'm going to make it onto the firey pits of simplistic yet badass styling, I have to learn from the best! I'll let ya know how this goes...ok, wait wait waitttt... what. am. i. saying! I take it back! I'm sure I'll be getting a phone call any minute now from my Mumzie "Ave Maria Purisima"-ing me (Jesus probably texted her about my attempted blasphemy- they're close like that). So instead I'll just have to admire these bombtastic threads from afar. Sadface.

Via: Men Vogue China
Editorial: Rock 101
Photographer: Giampaolo Sgura
Stylist: Grant Pearce
Models: Gordon Bothe, Philipp Schmidt and Nick Rae

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In New York Paris Tomorrow said...

Hot ... (ouch).

Krizu said...

it's not fb, but LIKE~!


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