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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Eve á la Gratz Family

For some, I know Christmas Eve is something that is very laidback, filled with eggnog, caroling, and then sleeping early to open up presents in the morning... but for my family, Christmas Eve is one cocktail away from being a party at the Playboy Mansion. See, while many folks are sleeping, my eccentrically Mexican family and friends are out and about causing hilarious riots at various dinner parties, exchanging gifts, devouring various plates of fat-boy approved foods, and developing a Lindsay Lohan thirst for tequila until the Christmas sun rises (I'm not kidding, we literally don't sleep!!). Yeah, we pretty much treat Christmas Eve like that of New Year's. In reasons that my family makes a fiesta out of Christmas Eve, we temporarily retire our sweaters, cardigans, mittens and all that winter bliss for the night and instead we slightly take it up a notch to welcome in sweet baby Jesus. So with that said, I've picked out two outfits - one for the ladies provided by Topshop and one for the gent's by TopMan - that are inspired and appropriate for celebrating Christmas Eve in true Gratz Family style.

TopShop loving for the ladies:
Ladies, I like modern elegance and sophistication (think Lily van der Woodsen Bass Humphrey from Gossip Girl) for holiday parties and with a slouchy updo hairstyle, I think anyone can look great in this look. One thing, the coat is only meant to just get you from place to place and NOT to be worn the whole night (although in this case, it does look pretty damn legit together- if I do say so myself, haha.). It pains me to see a beautiful woman enveloped in a coat and not gracing the world with their full on outfit glory underneath. And being "cold" is NO EXCUSE! Get yourself some whiskey and bare through it for fashion's sake!

TopMan for the gents:
As far as the guys, you don't want to be too fashion forward but you don't want to be a bore either- so dapper items with a complimenting dash of modernity is definitely holiday appropriate. I know the MANcessories may seem like a bit here but they're only miniscule bracelets and rings which look effortlessly snazzy when they're stacked up just right. Don't be afraid, I promise you wont look like Lady Gaga spit on you. Plus, ya know what, it's the holidays... be freaking FESTIVE!!! The more the merrier! Christmas pun most definitely intended.

These two outfits are potently infused with MY personal style and perhaps you guys can derive some killer inspiration from them to incorporate into your own outfits with you own fashionable twist to whatever holiday shindig you have. And if you liked what you saw, head on over to TopShop or TopMan to get them!

So what are your Christmas Eve traditions? Perhaps my family aren't the only crazies out there? Haha. 

images via topshop, topman, and google image search

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Mei said...

So nice of you to put a wishlist for ladies aswell :D

David Toms said...

Totally in there with the look for men. Umm the Gratz family Christmas sounds a lot like the Toms family Christmas, you forgot to add in the arguments!
Merry Christmas

Poppy said...

I love the boyfriend coat so much! Sadly that shade of pink doesn't really suit me !

Annushka said...


Anonymous said...

YES, these clothes are so Lily ;) So elegant and stylish.
But the most I would like to have this stag head ring hihi. Merry Christmas!

Caleb Poling said...

Love that you drew attention to both ideas for women and men. Really loved the outfit choices for the ladies. Men could really use festive jewelry to spice up the holidays. Great blog. xx

Malu Rivero said...

Oh Gratz! Thank you for doing this post "The Ghost Kate of ChristMOSS Past", is so useful for my work of research! I'm doing it about McQueen and it's difficult to find opinions about bloggers about him crazy shows! ;)

Malu Rivero said...

If you love Anja Rubik you would like this video: http://selfservicemagazine.com/blog/?cat=5
so lovely all

Patroushka's place said...

thx for you visit :)
an for following me... you have a new follower too ;p


Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...

so really elegant and chic, love it!!!

rouli said...


lovely blog here!so cool posts!

loved that coat!

topshop is amazin!

thx for stoppin by:))

amazin blog!


happy x-mas!

anonymous girl said...

Thanks for your kind words. If only you knew how f'ed up I feel right now, especially during the holiday season with no one to celebrate with. Your family sounds great. I live away from mine because of my work but I already sent folks presents. Then there is just me and a sprinkle of people I know doing their own thing. I can't even get excited about boxing day without thinking about how much money i'll spend and then have to call a certain someone (currently skiiing in a swanky Swiss resort) for money when I'd much rather be around people partying. I just feel another year has gone by and I havent acheived a thing

Snow Black said...

Happy Holidays hun ! ;-)

SOFIA said...

i love your blog!))

Silvana Querido said...

Thanks 4 your comment :)

Merry Christmas

Kisses from Portugal

Bigio said...

Merry Christmas! Lovely post, I like the man's bracelets :)


Sammie said...

I wish my Christmas Eve was even half as cool. All I do is decorate the three and watch a movie with my mother and brother. This year it was Love, Actually though, one of my favorites.

Loving the TopShop wishlist. The furry clutch is to die for :)

Merry Christmas!


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