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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

'Tis the season of sexiness!!!!

Last night was the television premiere of this years Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and OMZeus, it was the best hour of my life (I say that every year after seeing it, haha!). Once again, there was waaaay too much hotness for one runway to handle. I actually envy that glittery golden platform! He (because all runways are guys?) is definitely on my top 5 of my 'Who'd I like to be reincarnated into' list. You think I'm lying or joking. I'm not. It was just one spectacular array of all things sexy and playful... like a candyshop for adults. It's a win win for everybody; the men go crazy and bonerific, the ladies want to stab all of them for being too hot but now have fitness goals love lingerie, and the gays have an unconditional love for boobs and glitter.. see, everyone is happy! Victoria's Secret should really be in the running to be honored with a Nobel Peace Prize for the humanitarian efforts. 
[Please excuse Bahati's crazy face, she was just really excited, and press play!]
And another video bonus of the angels doing some Katy Perry Karoake sexiness:  
Oh and I'm not done just yet. After being intensely entranced by their alluring sexiness last night, I feel it's my life's calling to post all of my favorites. So after the jump, it'll be an extravaganza of Victoria's Secret heaven. Enjoy. 
Click, click, click ↓↓↓ !!
Let the sexy fest begin...

And because who doesn't like some kinda artsy but super sexy behind-the-scenes action...  

So I may have gone a little bit overboard but seriously, can you blame me? I honestly feel like I need to step outside and smoke a cigarette or two. This is further proof that angels do in fact exist. Don't try to tell me otherwise! I've also made it my life goal to make it to one of these shows before I croak and have coffee with Yves Saint Laurent at the CafĂ© du Heaven. Hmmm, I wonder if there's a Make-A-Wish Foundation for non-ailing people/bloggers/horndogs... 

Make sure to visit Victoria's Secret online for more juicy & sexy fashion show content. 
video via VS and New York Magazine
images via Zimbio and the backstage ones I don't remember, sorry.

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elizar33 said...

thanks for this.

this post made my day!!!

Marinka said...

That's a great post! I went nuts while watching it last night, it was so much better than last year, the models looked fantastic especially Ale, Adriana, Maryna, Lily and Behati..And the lingerie was really sexy as usual I love those pictures.

Publish my Style said...

love Victoria Secret's shows, always stunning, always sexy and cool!
please check out my new blog on street style and people http://publishmystyle.blogspot.com/

Lola Finn said...

Hot hot hot!
I looove Alessandra Ambrosio <3


VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Amazing post :)
Thank you so muche for the comment, i was really glad for it :))


Snow Black said...

Green with envy !! I want to be one +_+ ..all this whilst currently stuffing my face with pasta. LOL

So glad to see Chanel Iman in those white wings ;)

KC said...

it is such a beautiful show and those are really sizzling hot girls. and that karaoke video made me smile.


Elle C. said...

sigh.... why can't i be 5'10", crazy long legs, sexy abs and flawless skin? i hate/love/hate/envy these girls.

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