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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gretchen Jones, project runway season 8 winner, fall/winter 2011.

Last season's winner of Project Runway just unveiled her first post-show collection for the Fall/Winter 2011 season and I am very pleasantly charmed. 
I absolutely dig the relaxed and flowy silhouettes going on. There's something extremely sexy about a girl who has clothes just sitting on her and waving back and forth in nonchalantness as she struts right past you on the streets. It's like an Arizona chic modern wave that just caresses you on the face. Subtle perfection at it's finest. I love the rich earth-toned color palette, the styling, the plentitude of seperates, and the wearability is just real and superb for the simple yet modernly directed woman. Again, subtle perfection. 
Get some.

I think I also may be in love with this collection because the model is definitely evoking a cross between Olivia Palermo and Blair Waldorf in the face-- two of my Sexy-Can-I infatuations. Haha. ;) 
Check out more of the collection here

images via Gretchen Jones

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Andrés Corella said...

Wow I really liked this collection I love everything flowy haha..and this is just wonderful and you are so right the model does seem like a blend between the two of them


iUnderEye said...

Gorgeous pieces!!!

i'm sure she'll go far loving these pieces




wow! nice post! we love your blog!
follow you! :)


Poppy said...

The last two outfits are simply lovely! The style and cut of the trousers are so nice. I think I need some like that, they're a perfect style.

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