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Thursday, September 15, 2011

this one time at ny fashion week...

An anonymous source said that a high level, heavy hitting fashion editor was overhead cringing and bantering about a fame whoring B-lister-trying-HARD-to-be-an-A-lister "entertainer" during an encounter at NY Fashion Week and said this about her/him: 
"I have never seen someone try so hard for attention while looking so atrocious at the same time."
And whom may this editor and celebrity pair be? 
I'll leave it at that but for the record: hahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!!

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KC said...

she nailed it... i mean the high level, heavy hitting fashion editor. there are actually a lot of people in fashion who try so hard for attention while looking so atrocious at the same time. hehe!!


L.A.V. said...

That pictures is hilarious :P

R. Gratz said...

KC: "High level, heavy hitting fashion editor"- those were my words to amp up the anonymous source's words. I agree with you, there are plenty of fashion-fame-seeking creatures out there but Nicki and Wintour is exactly whom they were talking about. It's really hilarious! I'm sure Nicki went out to get some heavy attention and then once she found out she was sitting next to Anna, she pretty much shit her pants on the spot. EMBARRASSING! Her face in the pics totally reads "I fucked up, big time. Get me home." hahahaaa.

vejrubia said...

I'm actually so embarrassed for Nicki Minaj. She clearly didn't realize nor know who she'd be sitting with. Hope this teaches her that her "fashion" antics should rest in peace and that it's not always necessary to dress like the wealthiest of hookers.

There's a time and place for everything, and unless her and Anna are actually in Tokyo for JFW at a mercibeaucoup show; then Madame Minaj should just try something subdued for a change and REALLY shock us.

WhoopyBeatrizLourenco said...

I like nicki but Never in my funniest fantasie i could imagine a picture like that! But i can imagine that anna said something like that! I dont know but longer i staring at this picture than more i feel the bad harmony between Wintour and Minaj!

Snow Black said...

I missed your rantings.. lol. I am sure at this point Anna is like wtf is going on with seating charts these days?! She was probably hoping for a blogger instead. Yeah that Minaj ensemble is ridiculous IMO. She usually deos a "good" version of crazy.

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