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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Designer duo Alan Eckstein and Timo Weiland have made me weak at the knees! Their RTW 2012 collection marked the first time they've done a runway show and boy was it quite the cherry popping! Known for their down to earth vibe, this time around they amped up the volume BIG TIME! The contrast of bright reds, mustards, and aquas mixed with forrest greens, browns, and blues was genius! The superb detailing in this collection was also a first and damn phenomenal for the TW team. The chiffon finishes, chambray glory, floral prints, plus the shoes and necklaces... just superb and FUN!! It's urban. It's beachy. It's BOTH!!!  Even though it evokes beach waves, I can see a person wearing it in the urban bustle of any city. It's like beach bunnies/bums decided to grow up, get a job, and move into the city to become chic beach bunnies/bums to surf through the metal crowds. Phen.Nom.En.Al! Plus I'm heavily crazy in love with the floral greatness in the mensgear. KILLER!
Timo Weiland RTW 2012
Click↓, click↓, click↓ for my favorite looks from the collection!!

Just such a fresh, cool, and hip vision.

Very well done, A and T!

image(s) via style.com
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JBriggs said...

I just want a closet full of black and white goth clothes (damir doma, raf simons, dior homme) and one filled with crazy prints (givenchy, mcqueen, christopher kane, givenchy, GIVENCHY GIIIIIVVVVVVEEEENNNNNCCCHHHHYYYYYY)
this post makes me excited for s/s 2012 and it isnt even fall yet lol

Gough said...

I LOVE IT !!!! <3

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