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Because I never wanted to be beautiful,
and I never pretended to be."

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

surfs up with ksubi!

I randomly found these bad boys while parusing the fashionnets...

Damn rad, eh?!!

They're from an Aussi brand called KSUBI that's compromised of 3 surfer bro's turned jean mafiosos. Wait, hold that peace pipe! Surfers? Designers? Awesomely brilliant jeans? Cheaaa! The two left ones are labeled as mens and the right ones are for the ladies, but for me, they're damn unisex (and not "we didn't have money for jeans this year so borrow your sisters" unisex or "I'm feeling bloated, boyfriend can I borrow your jeans?" unisex either but actually UNISEX-UNISEX!). The fits are both slim/skinny but since they're interwoven with spandex, you get a nice stretch all up in it (aka, your twinkleberries/uterus can breath!) and the color selection is like nothing my denim-dazed eyes have seen out there. I enjoy my jean-ie tones of blue but sometimes a fellah just needs a bold radfreakingtastic color in his pantalones. Especially since Fall is right around the corner, people tend to forget that COLORS do exist, so it's important to temporarily blind them with a pop of lightning. Which reminds me, I apologize for the cataracts I may cause this fall season. 
The ones shown above are available at americanrag.com but if you like your jean-ie hues, KSUBI offers murderous washes - seriously, with names like "wild dog", "hayday mayday", and "dazzleship", how can they not be killer!?? - so head on over to ksubi.com!

image(s) via american rag cie
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JBriggs said...

oh man those colours are rad! And I rarely wear such bright colours BUT I DIIIIIIIGGGG

David Toms said...

Agreeing with you 100%. And don't the best things come from the land down under? (Like yours truly)

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