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Friday, September 30, 2011

versace for h&m; the madness begins... editorial preview & ad campaign!

Over the summer the fashionwebs was jizzing itself in excitement as it was unveiled that Versace would be the next designer slated to laugh all the way to the bank with H&M. As a mere plebeian, I also climaxed. It's freaking VERSACE, how can you not? Well now that it's getting close to the mid November launch date, the colllab-collection is starting it's ho stroll. A couple days ago VOGUE Russia gave us a pleasant preview punch: 

Che freaking bello!!! The collection looks damn savage! It definitely doesn't look like a cheap collab but rather straight up Gianni and Donatella mastery!! I'm crossing my fingers, eyes, hell even my tongue in hopes that the mensgear will be just as grand. Seriously. If the fellahs don't get as much love, I will go to Milan and forcefeed Donatella and Allegra! They haven't eaten real people food in decades, so this will surely be their true death! I kid, I kid... not really, I will calorie them up without blinking! I have no remorse when it comes to fashion.

And today, Versace's and H&M's minions unleashed their first ad campaign and daddy likes!!!
Lindsey Wixon, Daphne Groeneveld and Sasha Pivovarova make the best Versace lionesses/power bitches of all legendary time! I bow down to them! I gotta start scouring under my couches, bed, jean pockets, etc to fill up my piggybank because I will gladly give these ladies my lunch money once the collection drops. Bully me, bitches, BULLY ME!!

So what do ya think? Am I just being a crazy pseudo guido (the fancy kind- not Snooki)? Do DISCUSS!

image(s) via Vogue Russia and courtesy of Versace
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Chris said...

Great clothes.

JASPER said...

OMG, your hilariousssss!

KC said...

i think i'm gonna save up as well for any of those jackets.


Snow Black said...

OK OK ...I swear to God this time my ass better be up early to nad some of those items!!! Daayyyam!

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