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Monday, October 3, 2011

pierre balmain diffusion line drops; lookbook included!

Once upon a blog post ago, I had told you guys about Balmain rolling out a diffusion line, aka charity case for the kinda-rich (the $180- $1,200 range is still a bit steep but do-able) has finally dropped! But just in case some of you have been ill and out of the fashionscope here's what the line is all about:

Now that we're all caught up to speed... the line is now alive and amongst us!! It was unveiled yesterday during Paris Fashion Week but sadly it wasn't in a form of a runway or presentation but rather just a simple viewing of the clothes in a showroom á la stylist style. But fortunately for those of us that aren't part of the fashion illuminati, Balmain has composited a lookbook of the entire collection for us. Rock on, mothalovahs!

Click click click ↓↓↓ for the collection!!!!!

Crumple these up, liquify them, and inject me with them because I want to overdose on every single piece!! I absolutely dig the zebra printed embedded within the collection, the rocker fits are phenomenal, and the overall vibe makes me want to change my name to Gaston Deadheart (that's a gothy-rocker name, right?), move to Paris to chain smoke like a 15 year old Catholic school kid and punch random strangers with my beloved "I'm too Rock N' Grungy for this world" troll Taylor Momsen. Plain and simple, these pieces are the epitome of high street-wear radness. What I'm also digging is that the line doesn't look like it's trying hard to be a wanna-be Balmain groupie. Yes, it does hold true to Balmain's rocker chic aesthetic but it also has it's own infused entity going on. Rock on! Also with diffusions lines and collabs, I'm always throwing an Anna Wintour stink-eye because the gents never get the same love (I'm looking at you, Missioni for Target, Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's, Lanvin for H&M!) but Balmain definitely delivered! Ten fold! I've always dreamt of the day I would stomp around my neighborhood as the male version of badass Paris Vogue Editrix Emmaunelle Alt and that day has come, mothalovahs!

image(s) via Balmain
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JBriggs said...

wow in love with all of this! I love the tee over collared shirt look I have been trying that out for a while now


love the lookbook! make me wanna all these clothes!


Andrés Corella said...

I think heaven...is made up of angels dressed in balmain (wouldn´t that be a rockin heaven haha) I want everything!!!

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