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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

alexander mcqueen s/s 2012; the armour of the an etherial goddess warior.

Phenomenal. Otherwordly. Just oh-so McQueen! There's nothing more I can really say to describe how outrageously unbelievable this collection is. Sarah Burton is not only keeping Lee alive but also moving the house forward in glorious ways. The collection itself is a pantheon of romantically feminine & powerful goddess warriors decked out in lustrous golden metallics, valorous dark leathers, and ethereal lace masterpieces. And like any true powerhouse, the glory is within the ultra intricate detailing. I don't even understand how so such craftsmanship can be possible in this world. Again, otherworldly! 
Instead of bogging you down with how I'd sacrifice my teeth and my Missoni for Target cardigan (hey, bitches are buying that sold out shit for thousands of dollars on ebay!) to the Temple of Alexander McQueen, I'll leave you with an array of close ups of the rigorously magnificent details. If you want to see the whole collection just google it because I'm too obsessed with the details. Bite me. 

image(s) via style.com
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JBriggs said...

such a beautiful collection Burton really is staying true to the McQueen look but it seems she is ushering a new era of the beauty of femininity something McQueen portrayed in darker "uglier" way, it is an interesting movement in the McQueen label

Costin Moraru said...

wonderful collection. but who would expect any less? you have a great blog! hope you'll visit mine as well, and if you decide to follow me i'll make sure to follow back!

All best wishes,
Costin M. | http://costinm.com

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