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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

take a dip under the sea with chanel s/s 2012.

There's always a ton of shows to pay attention to during fashion week, especially Paris Fashion Week. I know, I know... as a fashion loving chap (fashion blogger sounds stupid to me) I should be keeping up to date with it all, but I've got a life to drink away. While some collections get 10 minutes of my time, some get a whopping 2 hours of it. CHANEL is one of them.
This time around Karl Lagerfart decided to take us under, what I think to be, a winter wonderland Easter-esque sea promenade. The color ways were beautiful tones of faint blues, corals, sea foam greens that created siren creations of dresses (apparently the Chanel woman doesn't wear pantalones or shorts for the s/s 2012 season) in lightweight tweeds, leathers, and chiffon.

In general, I find every CHANEL piece to be very couture-like, even though it doesn't fall under the haute couture collections. The impeccable attention to detail by Lagerfart is always damn supreme. I literally spent 3 hours just zooming in and out of this collection and pretty much having an OCD visual orgasm. I digged the use of silently embedded pockets, the multi-purposeful useage of pearls as buttons, belts, and hair pins, and most importantly the stupefying manipulation of shredded & non-shredded chiffon and tweed to create the illusion of fish scales. Plus the use of iridescent chiffon in some of the creations was complete underwater genius.

Oh, and before I go, another thing I thoroughly cried in a "holy Baby Jesus, F I N A L L Y!!" praise was the decrease of ill fitting boxy & matronly shapes that I find CHANEL to be plagued with. Seriously, a lot of their past pieces look like bedazzled & printed potato sacks to me. But this time around I found slimmingly sensual silhouettes that would be fit for any fancy shmancy mermaid.

After the jump are 43 of my favorite sea monkey creations from the 80+ look set, enjoy:

Click, click, click↓↓↓ mothalovahs!!

image(s) via style.it
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