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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

versace for h&m viral video drops the crazy on us after manhattan launch!!

Donatella and H&M Creative Advisor Margareta van den Bosch
Last night was the big Versace for H&M Palm Tree Appreciation club meeting, aka the launch event, in Manhattan, which included a runway show, performances by schizzo mess Nicki Minaj and the immortal artist currently known as Prince, and some private shopping (damn you, fashion illuminati!!). After getting some rest from tweeting a #VersaceForHM wreck last night, I woke up to the official viral video/commercial plug on the fashionwebs.

Get ready for a whole lot of psychosis a la Versace!

After years of intense DIY therapy, I am back to square one as I'm in a current state of awesome WTF crazy. I still don' even know if I'm in real life mode right now. But ya know what? I diiiiggggg it!!! I would be the first to sign up to live at Tella's (yeah, we're close like that) House of Crazy in a heart beat!! Her house, her rules, her pleasure!! Psycho paradise heaven! Just as long as I'm paid in Versace for H&M pieces, of course. 

Btw, one more week until the collection drops at select H&M's nationwide on Nov. 17th!! Screw the Occupy Wall street camp outs... it's going to be all about Occupy H&M! Yes, my maniac self will be camping out the SF H&M store!

These will be mine (for starters)!!!

image(s) via versace for h&m
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Andrés Corella said...

This collection is all levels of crazy awesome! The video is amazing...brain controlling in all its glory haha

The Black Label

JBriggs said...

these are very nice but i feel versace is biting off givenchy's pattern style, but w/e stil fancy and cool

Hanny said...

Those look great. I like the one on top the most.

Vanesa said...

I love all the collections!
And it's only ONE day away xx

The-Bel (Fashion Blog, Online Shop, Street Style)

Malu Rivero said...

Big mannnn! A long time that I don't pass!! Too much!
But I'm going to send you and email inviting you to Bloggers Night Out of Barcelona, maaaybe you will be here! haha!

Loving this colaboration !! And I allways hate this kind of stuffs bu this time I'm going to do an exeption jeje!
xxxxxxxxxxxxx Malu

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