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Thursday, December 1, 2011

we've got a new family jewel carrier in town...

Straight from the fancy shmanshingly chic Sheung Wan district in Hong Kong, designer and founder James A. Christopher brings a new luxury underwear brand for every mans favorite MANcessory to get stoked about- jac5!

jac5 was drawn up when Mr. James had enough with the mediocre shenanigans of the underwear industry and counter attacked with a stellar line of man berry baskets fully equipped with real quality, style, and comfort. Hell. Yeah!

James used his Jack Russell Terriers for jac5's branding logo and collection concepts- 3 lines based on his doggies best personality traits; loyal, supersmart, and barking mad.

Check them out!↓↓

1. LOYAL - casual & comfortable, perfect for lounging around.
2. SUPERSMART -  clean, cut, & tailored for suited/fancier outings.
 3. BARKING MAD - loud, fun and adventurously cool!

Myself, I'm a huge fan of snuggier and tighter fits, specifically trunks, so I'm adrenalized that they're well represented and offered in all 3 collections. I've also been toying around with the idea of trying out briefs for some time and I think I may have found the perfect ones to break me in- hello, blue Loyal's and black Supersmart's!!

If you know anyone who is searching for a new carrying case for their dongerdoodle and know they'll appreciate durable luxury fabrics, superior stitching, and modern designs, then direct them on over to jac5.com!

Did I mention they offer free international shipping? Epic!

image(s) courtesy of jac5
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