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Thursday, October 4, 2012

aloha, fancy socks!

After yet another of my many failed window shopping experiences, I came to my casa with a couple pairs of oxford shoes in suede and leather. Did I need them? Could I afford them? I still don't know. But what I do know is that I'm in dire need of... FANCY SOCKS! We've all seen them climb their way to sartorial stardom from the feet of leathery suited up Cannoli's at Pitti Uomo to the glossies of GQ. I admired it but I never gave it a go. Sock + the beach = no bueno. Instead I've been wearing my loafers, moccasins, and boat shoes without such nuisances. I also like to tell myself that going sockless in fancy shoes is definitely a form of rebelling. Take that, society!! But I've finally caved in and it is finally time for me to downgrade my full-time membership to The Ryan Gosling Church of Anti-Socks to a part-time status.

Enter, ALOHA SUNDAY Supply Company and their awesomely curated Richer Poorer sock collection!
Always count on ALOHA SUNDAY to have the illest gear of all. No wonder it's a powerhouse in San Diego! Richer Poorer offers a myriad of epic socks and ALOHA has honed down some stellar pieces for our benefit. I found some dapper ones to galavant in my new oxfords and then other pairs got me thinking of giving them a go with my boat-shoes and more casual VANS-like shoes. From fancy to casual radness patterns and for only 12 buckaroos a pair?? Leather Cannoli's here I come!

Get these sock creations and other rad gear at ALOHA SUNDAY Supply Company.

Also check out Richer Poorer for more about them & their socks.

image(s) via the googles and aloha sunday supply co.
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