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Monday, June 9, 2014

aloha to versace's medusa mural at their new hawaii store!

With Versace (I mean, Versayce!) opening a flagship store in Honolulu, Donatella decided to hook up with Pow! Wow! Hawaii and commission awesome Californian street artist Tristan Eaton to spew up some of his paint radness on it. Staying true to Gianni's emblem, a huge ass Medusa was chosen as bait to reel in the fancy people of the island. I for one would be HOOKED in a millisecond (I would be a Dori of the fish world- no doubt about it) because the end art piece is absolutely INSANE!!! 

Check out what legit and genius talent with spray cans can accomplish in just 5 days!

The colors and the snakes are so damn electric that I wouldn't be surprised if an entire shirt collection would be inspired by it *ahem Donatella- call me when it happens!*!!

Want to know more about artist Tristan Eaton, click here! And for Pow! Wow! Hawaii here!

image(s) via versace x pow! wow!

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