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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

the marshfield jacket from david beckham x belstaff moto capsule collection!

Seeing that Beck's is the poster boy man for Belstaff it was only fitting that homeboy would design his own moto capsule collection, specially since he's all rebel-without-a-cause-ing these days on his own motorcycles.

The limited capsule consist of boots, t-shirts, riding pants, and moto-jackets but the one bad boy that stood out for me was the Marchfield Jacket.

Not only does it have a bazillion pockets to hide your booze in but it's all weatherproof so you can continue the party even though mother nature doesn't want you to! Plus it just looks really rad for those of us that wish they cold be a cross between James Dean and Beck's himself... hell, people may even confuse us for leading men! Ok, maybe or how about not really but hey, it's still a badass jacket!

Check out the entire Beck's collection here!

image(s) via beckham x belstaff

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