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Thursday, July 31, 2014

converse & missoni are making lovechildrenshoes once again!

American shoe legend Converse and fame Italian fashion house Missoni have rolled in the bushes together yet again for a new line of awesomely zig-zagged Chuck Taylor's! This time around the duo has decided to bless us with what looks to me like a vintage-esque pastel hued collection of badboys in high and low tops. 

With a pricing range of $85-$100, not only will you not have to commit first degree murder to your piggybank but it's a damn steal for anything Missoni-mind you, a Missoni scarf costs close to $200! Even better is the sheer fact that these babies will be within reach as it's slated to sell at a Nordstrom near you come August 4th!!! But just like the last 7 collabs, you better act quick! They sell out faster than a Native American headdress for Coachella and will end up on ebay for a bagillion bucks more- both to which I say, NO.GRACIAS!! August 4th. Nordstrom. Be there! I will.

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