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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

want to get that male model hair... here's the secret weapon!

That male model hair! You know... the one that's universal as it can go from looking awesomely got-out-of-bed disheveled to prim & proper like Mr. Gatsby in two seconds, the one that you scour around fashion glossies and save it on your phone so you can show it to your hair person. Yup, THAT one! And in my case, my male model hairspiration is none other than  my dopleganger seƱorito Sean O'pry.

But what happens after you get the right hair cut? Do you think it's going to automatically bing bang boom itself into model hair? Not yet. You need product! Really awesome hair product! And after years of rummaging around the hair styling product shelves, you can thank me because I've zoned in on the one hair product that will make you look like your coiffed hair #mcm!

Drum roll please...

This baby has been around since 1925 and even though it was first made for the African-American market, it has become a staple for anybody who enjoys classically cool hair. I've gone through fancy-schmancy designer hair wax/pomade ranging from $15-$40, heck I once even paid 60 buckaroos for an imported Swedish one, but they've all flopped in comparison to Murray's which comes out to less than $3 at any drug and convenience store! It gives you an incredible hold (the flexibility depends on how much you put in), lasting Viagra-like volume, it gives you a nice little shine (which I think is great after I blow-dry my hair first), and I personally enjoy it's mild pomadey smell. Now it does tend to be a little greasy, so a little definitely goes A LONG way (my tin lasts about 5-6 months). Murray's is definitely the way to go and not to toot my own horn but I constantly get compliments, even from strangers, that my hair looks awesome. I'm telling you, Murray's is the hair crack of the hair product world! Get some!

And just for a little fun, here's my personal hair styling tips:
1. After wetting my hair, I add in a volume mousse (Aussie is my go to but anything will do, even a        sports/flexible hair gel) and then I blow dry it while combing backwards simultaneously.
2. Now depending on how I want to style my hair, I use a man flat iron on certain sections and pull up and curve back to create backwards waves (the more waves, the more texture you'll get).
3. I get an index finger tips worth of Murray's, warm it up in my palms to make it pliable, and then work it through my hair.
4. I lock it all with any hairspray I can find- but usually a high hold one so my style can last all day.

Currently I'm rocking a hair cut that allows me the flexibility of either styling my hair 1. semi-messy & laid-back or 2. styling it formally for when I like to pretend Mr. Gatsby has invited me over for whiskey and poker.

Here's 1:

Trick: after moussing, blow drying, and flat ironing random sections (do the front, some sections in the middle, and some in the back; remember it's about creating texture), and warming up the pomade in your palms, just work through your hair and style by using your fingers as a comb, finish off with a flexible-hold hairspray, and taadaaa you'll get that "I woke up like this & spent 2 seconds on my hair because I'm THAT cool" look. 

Here's 2:

Trick: Repeat the same moussing & blow drying but when it comes to flat ironing just do the front because you're going for a smooth one-stroke with no texture look. Then after applying Murray's all you have to do is finish it off by using an actual comb for an even lift and swoop. Finish off with a high hold hairspray to last you all day.

So there you have it motherlovahs, how to get that male model hairstyle with my now-not-so-secret-weapon, Murray's Pomade. Now go on and try it out for yourself! 

Again, Murray's Pomade is available at pretty much ANY drugstore or convenience store! 

image(s) via gq australia, the googles, and murray's 

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