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Thursday, May 14, 2015

anthony vaccarello x versus versace fall/winter 2015!

After Donatella jizzed over Anthony Vaccarello's Spring 2015 capsule collection, the Medusa herself made him the permanent creative director for Versus Versace and bada-bing-bada-boom his first legit collection came out with a fancy unveiling party in London-which I know is confusing since it's not in Italia but you'll see why after you click play.

I'm guessing their inspiration story goes a little like this: see a sexy Versace siren (Karlie Kloss-she looks like she gets down on the down-low.) got ditched by Kate Moss & one of those Gatwick London grunge alley rocker's offered her an uber ride and then they had a crumpet infused one night stand and this is what their dirty parts created. And I’m not mad at it! Well, actually I'm a bit mad because we were promised 17 pieces and I was thinking maybe the bambinos would get 17 of our own but no dice: we got 4 total looks. The first two featured guy jackets are bit too Hellraiser for me but I can head back to them come Halloween time. Now, the ladies got some pretty cool plaid laden getups (not shown below but in the vid) that I thought would translate over into a rad menswear counterpart but whatever... at least we got kilts! I can fuck with kilts any day, so I call this a win for us. 

You can head on over to Versus Versace online to peep and buy if you have a sugar daddy/mommy the collection.

Peace, Mothalovahs!

- R.

image(s) via style.com & versus versace

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