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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

the lowdown: london mens collection fall 2016

There's nothing like starting off 2016 in a menswear frenzy and that's exactly what 2016 is delivering! Fashion Week is in full swing and first up to the menswear bat was London Mens Collection. Per usual there were #manfits that I absolutely digged the living threads out of, some that tickled my fancy, and others that assaulted my eyes in ways that have left me questioning my fashion sanity. So here's the lowdown of the trends that I saw parade around Londontown that caught my attention. 

The Furbies:
Left - Right: Baartmans and Siegel, Coach, Burberry, J.W. Anderson
I'm not one to wear skinned animals myself but many designers have decided they want us gents to look like mini Park Avenue Bigfoots and you know what... I'm ok with that, well as long as its faux fur on me. Although I can appreciate fur trimming, I'd rather go full-on polar bear with my outerwear game in hopes to land in the trophy room of a rich conservative 1%-er. #Goals.

2 Pocketed Uni-Bomber:

L-R: Sean Suen, Lou Dalton, CMMN SWDN, Agi & Sam, Topman Design
I swear every collection at #LCM had some sort of 2 pocketed Safari Bomber. I personally have a deep obsession admiration for fanny packs, so for me these jackets are like a pseudo replacement and since I've been known to carry the most random things -chai tea packets, Burger King Coupons, & a random key that opens god knows what- I'm a happy camper!

Oversized Grandpa Knits:

L-R: Christopher Raeburn, Pringle of Scotland, Oliver Spencer, Sibling, J.W. Anderson
FINALLY! I don't have to wear my George W. Bush mask and sneak into my local retirement facility to rock these babies! I mean, who can say no to being comfortable in a cozy knit that also doubles up as a portable blanket? Not, I!

The Shearling Slayers:
L-R: Coach, Pringle of Scotland, James Long, Tiger of Sweden
Shearling was errrrwhere on the runway- on trimming, linings, pockets, collars... heck I'm sure some of the models were wearing shearling undies! I don't think I can fully commit to looking like an extra on The Muppet Show but those shearling trimmed Aviator Bombers are baah-bahh-bahhing at the sheep in my bank account! 

3 Quart Coat Mafia:

Pringle of Scotland, Agi & Sam, Cottweiler, Casely-Hayford, Topman Design
Time to hit leg day HARD since thigh-low coats are coming to a retailer near you and those stems have to look hashtag-fit! I'm not the tallest shot-glass of whiskey so I'm a little weary about rocking a 3 quarter length coat but it's ok because the worst thing that could happen is that I look like a more fabulous Morpheus from the Matrix. 

Star Warz:
L-R: CMMN SWDN, Berthold, Christopher Kane, Cottweiler
With The Force taking over our entire galaxy, it is only natural the fashionsphere is also enlisting its own army of Jedi masters for 2016. I think it's pretty stellar -pun intended- to look into intergalactic inspired military wear, especially since the worlds first spaceliner is in the works and I don't know about you but I don't want to embarrass myself in front of The Galactic Senate with boring Earthling threads when they beam me up.

Talk Nerdy To Me:
L-R: Sean Suen, Tiger of Sweden, CMMN SWDN, Margaret Howell
It's definitely The Season of the Nerd and rightfully so, it's the least the world could do for taking away their pride & joy, Star Wars, from them. It only takes about 5 minutes on Vine to realize braincells aren't what they used to be, so if we have to "fake it to make it" by tucking-in our retro inspired sweaters to unleash our inner quantum theorists than so be it! #SaveOurIQsFall2016! 

Ironic 90's Hipster:
L-R: Tourne de Transmission, Topman Design, Elliot Soulland, Casely-Hayford
You know that hipster friend who goes to overpriced thrift store boutiques and complains about the lack of parking spots for his 1960's Vespa scooter? Well he's not going anywhere in 2016 because he flung himself down many runways at #LCM. While I don't understand why someone intentionally spends $2,000 to look like they're worth a bag of gluten-free potato chips, I'd get a bleached weave and pretend to be Madonna's son any day!

The Pajama Don:
L-R: Oliver Spencer, Casely-Hayford, Moschino, Joseph
One of my life dreams is to retire at a young age after my High-End Cheese Identification app goes big, which then would allow me to treat everyday as if it were Sunday. I'd lounge all day and I wouldn't bother changing out of my PJ's resort-wear to go to the Opera because all I'd need is a fancy-shmancy blazer/coat because when you're Facebook rich you can do whatever your gazillionaire heart desires!

Peace, Mothalovahs!

- R.

image(s) via vogue.com & wwd.com

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