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Thursday, February 4, 2016

brown leather boots; 'tis always the season!

Brown leather boots, plain and simple: they're a must for all gents! Trust level: 12. Whether they're in Brogues, Cap Toe, or in a Desert style, they're your best bet for sartorial awesomeness. I know the fellahs usually save them for the fall months but these badboys have so much style-versatility that you can stomp in them all year round. I personally James Bond mine up in a suit for work and then dress them down during my Sunday Funday MAN-mosa (1.5 oz Vodka, 16 oz. Hefeweizen, topped off with some O.J.) shenanigans in jeans/khakis. Plus, they ad an extra inch or two & what gentleman doesn't want that? I know there's a dirty joke in there somewhere.

Still confused on the various styles? Don't you fret, motherlovah. I've selected a few to get your juices flowing. 

Desert Boot:

The Bushacre 2 by Clarks, $84.99

Derby Boot:
The Laudias by Aldo, $87.50

Cap Toe:
The Smash Bash by Kenneth Cole via Nordstrom, $129.90

Brogue/Wingtip Boot:
Aberdeen by 1901 Nordstrom, $140.00

There really is no reason why you shouldn't invest in one or all of them of these badboys. Truth be told, you could probably get away with wearing one pair repeatedly & no one would know because they'd be more focused on how dapperly badass you always look. Get. Some!

Peace, Mothalovahs!
- R.

image(s) via Nordstrom, Aldo, Clarks, Online, & the googles

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