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Because I never wanted to be beautiful,
and I never pretended to be."

Monday, October 11, 2010

American classic gets a lil makeover!

Varsity Jackets have been propping up in the fashionsphere for a while now and I really do dig them. I really appreciate how they're pretty versatile in styling; could either look fantastically urban or really preptastic. I've thought about grabbing myself one but I haven't found one that totally invigorates and makes sense with my personal style. Until now. While going through Selectism, I came across Pasarella Death Squad's rad take on the highschool icon. 
Preppy, sleek and edgy galore! Tell me why I can totally envision a highschool Rick Owens rocking this back in his grungy heyday? I. Need. It. Badly! But since this bomb jacket is part of PDS's first collection, it's only available at Selfridges in Londontown (for the time being- I hope!). Bummer. Alas, I'm totally stoked to see what more PDS has lined up for us because so far, I'm a fan!

image via Passarella Death Squad

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JBriggs said...

thats seriously awesome!

Kim'n'roll said...

Wow same jacket in my dressing :)

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