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Friday, January 13, 2012

who does Monsieur Vuitton Spring 2012 more justice?


Hands down, the LV retrospective in the homage to Marc Jacobs article in January's VOGUE U.S. wins this battle for me. LV's campaign makes me just wanna buy some cotton candy and murder a Strawberry Shortcake doll with it. Yeah, kinda sucks when you shell out million$ for an ad campaign that gets creamed by a magazine. But to be fair, it is VOGUE and we all know the power of Coddington- aka the real HBIC of Vogue US - is beyond supreme. 

Better luck next campaign season, LV.

image(s) via Vogue U.S. and Louis Vuitton
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KC said...

grace really got some pure unquestionable talent. but the LV campaign's not bad as well.


elizar33 said...

The LV campaign is not so bad, it's just too frothy!

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